What is Alpha Guide

"Alpha Guide" is the only Greek vacation guide that reports, comments and evaluates more than 3,000 hotels and restaurants throughout Greece with the hallmark of the magazine’s journalists and critics who specialise in the fields of gastronomy and travel reportage.

An organized and ideologically cohesive team of specialists of athinorama brand deals daily on an annual basis with ongoing field research throughout Greece and, therefore, the immediate renewal of information. Thanks to its smart filters, Alpha Guide allows the user to choose the hotel or restaurant that best fits the search criteria and is the ultimate tool for someone to design their holiday and weekends all year round.

"Alpha Guide" is the creation of the experience of "Athinorama", the leading city guide of Athens that specialize in culture, gastronomy, travels and the philosophy of leisure time. Through the pages of both the weekly magazine and athinorama.gr "Athinorama" brand has fashioned the good life of contemporary Greeks for 40 years now.

"Alpha Guide" was first released in printed version in 2000 and since 2012 can be found only online.

Alpha Guide's evaluating philosophy